Will Carol And Morgan Have Sex On ‘The Walking Dead’?

One of the highlights of the first half of season six of The Walking Dead has been the conflict brewing between Carol and Morgan. Most viewers believed that, when Morgan re-entered the series, there would be a feud between Rick and Morgan, but Rick was too busy dealing with the zombie horde to get into it too much with Morgan, so that role appropriately fell to Carol.

The idea that Carol and Morgan might actually end up together — as a romantic couple — may seem absurd given the events of the last eight episodes. After all, in the midseason finale, Carol threatened to kill Morgan to get to the Wolf, and Morgan briefly knocked Carol out to stop her.

However, consider the structure of practically every single romantic comedy:

1) It begins with the “meet cute.” This happened in the sixth season premiere, when Morgan noticed Carol was very observant and flirted with her about it.

Carol: [Carol hands Morgan a drink so he doesn’t dehydrate while working on the wall] Here you go.
Morgan: Oh, thank you. It’s Carol, right?
Carol: Yeah.
Morgan: You been with Rick long?
Carol: Since Atlanta.
Morgan: And were you a cop, too?
Carol: [Carol smiles] Why would you think that?
Morgan: You’re always watching. You always, uh… seem ready.
Carol: For what?
Morgan: You know, to handle things.
Carol: [Carol smiles before walking off] Aren’t you sweet.

2) The couple realizes their beliefs are at odds, creating belligerent sexual tension. Think: Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail. Or Princess Leia and Han Solo. Or Marion Ravenwood and Indiana Jones. Or Tracy and Hepburn in every one of their movies.

In The Walking Dead, Morgan and Carol have differing philosophies: Morgan thinks every life is precious, Carol thinks killing is necessary for survival. In the season’s second episode, the two fought side-by-side against the Wolves. There was a brewing animosity between the two over their particular beliefs, but it has to be admitted that they made an excellent team. They practically saved Alexandria from the Wolves by themselves, and they knew exactly what to do. They had an unspoken chemistry.

3) Before the couple can come together, there’s an altercation over their difference of opinions. This usually involves a huge fight where one half of the couple storms out.

This is essentially where Carol and Morgan are now. In the midseason finale, Carol got a possible concussion and Morgan picked her up and brought her to safety (because he loves her!). Inside, they had their confrontation with the Wolf in the basement. Carol didn’t want to kill Morgan (because she loves him) and Morgan didn’t want to hurt Carol, so he disarmed her and briefly knocked her out.

4) Mutual respect. Having been knocked out by Morgan, in the second half of the sixth season, Carol will likely develop respect for Morgan because she’s met her match. He disarmed her, in more ways than one. They both have strong, opposing opinions, but they also work well together, and I suspect the two will eventually work together to take down the Wolf who escaped with Denise. That’s where they realize they’re in love (get a room!)

Does that sound so far fetched?

Well, consider what Robert Kirkman told Variety about Morgan and Carol’s relationship in the back half of season six.

The next half of season six, Morgan and Carol, their continuing antagonistic relationship and their posturing against each other and trying to figure each other out and not really liking each other, their conflict is a big part of the next half of the season. The confrontation that starts in that basement does continue through the season and will come to a head. We’ll see the relationship changing and evolving and growing in cool and interesting ways.

The relationship “changes” and “evolves” and “grows” in “cool” and “interesting” ways.

Oh, they are definitely going to bone town.