Chadwick Boseman Will Bring His ‘Black Panther’ Style To Host ‘SNL’ Alongside Cardi B


Black Panther is a certified blockbuster success for Marvel, leading nicely into the monster arrival of Avengers: Infinity War in just one month. Sterling K. Brown has been the only castmember to be on SNL to this point, but Chadwick Boseman will bring King T’Challa himself to the show when he hosts on April 7th. The show seems to be taking a break for Easter over the next few weeks, but will return strong with Marvel’s newest royalty and hopefully another trip to the spirit realm with Uncle M’Butu.

Boseman isn’t the only bit of royalty showing up on April 7th. He’ll be joined by current queen of rap Cardi B as musical guest, ahead of the release of her first album later in the month.

It should be a show that’s worth tuning in for, especially given how close to Infinity War it will be and how guest stars seem to pop in at any moment — even at the very end of the show in Jon Hamm’s case. So we could get to see some other familiar Marvel faces turn up to get some spotlight and we’ll at least get some reference to Black Panther.

Boseman tweeted out about the upcoming appearance soon after it the announcement on the show:

Should be a good follow-up to Bill Hader’s return appearance.

(Via SNL)