‘SNL’ Introduces Us To More Of T’Challa’s Ancestors In This ‘Black Panther’ Deleted Scene

It’s a few weeks after the premiere of Black Panther, but SNL finally found the perfect opportunity to make some jokes about the smash Marvel hit thanks to host Sterling K. Brown. The This Is Us actor already has a key role in the actual film, but SNL gives him a chance to pull double duty as T’Challa’s great grandfather in the mystical realm of Djalia. But he’s not alone and other relatives get some time to shine, even the ones who entered the family via marriage.

That’s where Kenan Thompson’s Uncle M’Butu comes into play, manning the grill and just trying to fit in with the rest of the panthers while being stuck as a warthog. As Brown’s T’Kana says, you can’t choose your family. You also can’t seem to choose your mystical ride or animal form either in M’Butu’s case. Everybody else gets those sweet war rhinos from the film and he’s stuck riding around on an ostrich.

He’s big on cooking up those lion’s meat burgers, though, even if he can’t tell what time of day it is because everything is purple and the burgers seem to stay frozen despite lying on the grill for eternity. It’s a weird situation, especially when nobody wants to eat your cooking despite turning into an animal for the bulk of the afterlife.

(Via SNL)