Chloë Sevigny Is Coming Back To ‘American Horror Story’

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Lobster swimwear pioneer
 Chloë Sevigny is returning to Ryan Murphy’s side to co-star alongside Wes Bentley’s bold facial hair choices, Matt Bomer’s daydream eyes, and plain ol’ Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: Hotel two seasons after her vital and brutal arc on American Horror Story: Asylum.

An indie-film fixture and former sister-wife on HBO’s Big Love, Sevigny has continued to work almost exclusively in television over the last few years, starring in A&E’s Those Who Kill and guest starring in six episodes of The Mindy Project. Most recently, Sevigny co-starred in Netflix’s Bloodline, though she didn’t have a lot to do as a nurse who finds herself somewhat tragically linked to disastrous men. As of right now, there are no details about Sevigny’s role in AHS: Hotel, though I’m personally hoping that she stays the hell away from James Cromwell, should he wind up joining the cast as a snooty concierge with a taste for surgical experimentation.

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