Chris Gethard Told Jimmy Kimmel About The Time His Grandpa Lit The Lawn On Fire

Chris Gethard’s new show on Fusion, The Chris Gethard Show (the somewhat fancy version of his long-running cable access show), is a fun and chaotic mess. I mean that in the best way possible. As a fan of funny people doing weird things for almost no reason, it gets my highest recommendation, which is why it’s great to see him out there promoting it on the big late-night shows, like he did last night on Kimmel.

Above and below, please finds clips of his appearance. He discusses his grandpa lighting the lawn on fire, crying, and this week’s episode of the show, which he filmed after staying up for 36-straight hours just to, like, see what happens when you try to host a show after staying up for 36-straight hours. It’s science, basically.

(Via Splitsider)