Colbert Took Obama To The Comedy Woodshed Over Syria Last Night

09.05.13 20 Comments

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As Jon Stewart so eloquently noted on Tuesday night America seems to be on the fast track to war with another Middle Eastern country under the pretense of saving innocent people from a thuggish dictator. But — SURPRISE! — most Americans are not so hot on the idea of YET. ANOTHER. F-ING. WAR. Naturally, Stephen Colbert is appalled by this and blamed Obama’s “limp leadership” on the Colbert Report last night.

“As the world’s policeman, America has a moral imperative to blow some shit up,” Colbert remarked. “But thanks to Obama’s limp leadership, that idea is going over like a turd falafel.”

Colbert took Obama to the woodshed for not doing a better job of selling the war to the American public, going so far as to suggest the president consider a testosterone supplement. Here’s how he hilariously put Obama’s recent sales pitch: “We don’t know what we want to do. We won’t do much and it doesn’t matter when we want to do it. Now, who’s with me?!?!”


And if you’re interested in a more serious discussion on Syria and whether Obama can “sack up” and sell the war…

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