Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Countless Catchphrases For ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ According To Conan

With word that Arnold Schwarzenegger was taking over the lead spot on Celebrity Apprentice, you had to have known that late night television was going to have a little fun with it. Not only is the specter of Donald Trump still looming over the show, but Arnold has his own history and baggage to carry with him onto the show. Not only that, but he’s going to need to find himself an iconic catchphrase to bring with him to the show.

Luckily Conan is here to remind Arnold that he’s got a bevy of catchphrases to choose from, some that aren’t even from his movie. He pulls out an entire list of them in his best Arnold impression, landing a few solid choices in between all the joke suggestions. Personally, I think they’ll just keep “you’re fired” since it’s a typical phrase, but I think I could get behind Arnold yelling “get to da choppah” at people. Or at least tell folks they’ve been terminated (this is a shoe in if they decide to change it).

All I’m hoping is that Arnold heads back to Rio with the contestants at some point in the show. We need a sequel to this gem.

(Via Team Coco)