Craig Ferguson’s Monologue On The Boston Marathon Bombing Is Poignant, Candid And Perfect

I’m not quite sure what it means, but the two most powerful reactions to the Boston Marathon Bombings have come from comedians. First Patton Oswalt put everything into proper perspective with a Facebook post and now Craig Ferguson has delivered a five-minute speech that sums up how most of us feel after these tragedies occur. He was all over the place, jumping across emotions and anecdotes with the thesis being that he’s not sure if he’s going to make us laugh so close to the tragedy but he’ll try.

Ferguson touches on so many emotions that he’s sure to land on one we’ve all felt over the last day or so. Now excuse me while I press play and give my computer a standing ovation.

— Mark Wahlberg was also on Kimmel tonight, expressing just how emotionally trying the last 36 hours have been for him. The Boston native was somber, yet able to offer up some funny anecdotes about his buddy and Kimmel special guest Nacho. Then, unfortunately, he talked about his new Michael Bay movie Pain And Gain and how it was so difficult it was to have a life of eating and napping to get incredibly ripped for the flick. So in case you were wondering if you picked the wrong profession, the answer is “yes indeed.”