The Best Of Dan Harmon’s Reddit AMA

08.23.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

In our unending quest to bring you every bit of Dan Harmon news in existence, we are pleased to report the Community creator did his second Ask Me Anything at Reddit yesterday. He answered questions for, oh, about nine freaking hours. There were over 4700 comments with over 120 of them coming from Harmon, and we’ve scoured these for some of our favorite answers and comments.

Harmon was there to promote Anomalisa, the stop-motion animated film project he’s doing with Charlie Kaufman (there’s still time to contribute to the Kickstarter). While there, the conversation often turned towards Community and a bunch of Chevy Chase questions. We learned a lot. For example, did you know Joel McHale’s penis is the exact size and shape of a crowbar? You’ll learn about that, as well as what Alison Brie smells like, the type of porn film Dan Harmon would direct, who could have played Pierce instead of Chevy Chase, and who Dan Harmon thinks would win in a battle royale between all the Community castmembers, in the pages that follow.

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