Living Next To The ‘Full House’ House Sounds Like A Nightmare

Everywhere you look, there’s a Full House fan. And another Full House fan. And oh no, here comes a family of Fuller House fans. Whatever happened to the paperboy? At least he didn’t block the driveway. That’s what life is like for anyone who lives near the Full House house in San Francisco, located at the corner of Pointless Ave. and Nostalgia Road. It sounds like a living nightmare.

The Wall Street Journal spoke to neighbors of the two-story Victorian, who use sentences like “I have to yell at people to get off their steps” and “It’s an endless stream of people, they drive through the neighborhood blasting the theme song” to describe residing near the fictional abode. The house’s current owners have tried to trick Full House aficionados by getting rid of the red door and repainting the exterior, from white to purple. No dice.

On a recent Tuesday evening, barely 5 minutes passed without a car stopping to take pictures. Twenty-somethings wedged their vehicles into neighbors’ driveways or double-parked and convened in front of the home for selfies. Others risked standing in the middle of the street for the perfect shot. (Via the Wall Street Journal)

Worst of all, they don’t even get a free pizza out of the deal.

(Via the Wall Street Journal)