‘Game Of Thrones’ Is So Popular It Caused Internet Porn Traffic To Drop During Its Premiere

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on television, but is it popular enough to put a dent in porn, another one of America’s favorite forms of entertainment? The folks at Pornhub (which is basically the YouTube of pornography) took a look at the numbers and the answer seems to be yes. Over at their statistical insight blog, Pornhub’s webmasters noted a 4 percent drop in American traffic during the time the Game of Thrones season six premiere aired on HBO.

That may not seem like much, but with 60 million daily visitors, that 4 percent represents hundreds of thousands of people altering their porn schedules to make room for the non-return of Jon Snow. Also worth noting: Pornhub traffic didn’t return to normal until after midnight, which implies it took America over two hours to recover fully from that Melisandre scene at the end of the episode.

Pornhub also did some analysis on searches related to Game of Thrones on their site, finding a 370 percent increase in GoT-related search terms on the day of the premiere, with most users searching for specific scenes from the show or one of the several porn parodies. And just in case you’re wondering, all the various sex scenes and moments of nudity from Game of Thrones are indeed available to watch on Pornhub, underscoring the dubious legal status of the website and others like it.

When it came to character-specific searches, Daenerys Targaryen was looked up the most by a long shot, followed by Margaery Tyrell and Shae in a virtual tie. Bringing up the rear of the pack is Tyene Sand, whose popularity in spite of the Sand Snakes’ unpopularity makes us think she may have been on to something when she said, “You want a nice girl, but you need the bad pussy.”

(Via Pornhub Insights)