The Fight Between Jon Snow And Ramsay Bolton On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Gets An Extended Video

Entertainment Editor
06.20.16 8 Comments

If you were watching the “Best. Episode. Ever” of Game Of Thrones last night, you already know who won. “The Battle of the Bastards” ended with numerous deaths, the most cathartic of which was that bastard Ramsay Bolton being eaten alive by his starving hounds (score one for Sansa, finally).

But before the hounds were licking their chops, that other bastard Jon Snow got a few licks in, too. But what if the fight had gone on even longer, even more brutally? That’s what Ozzy Man imagined in the re-cut version above, in which he edits the scene to sum up how we all feel about Ramsay. HIT HIM AGAIN.

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