George R.R. Martin To Stephen King: ‘How The F*ck Do You Write So Fast?’

Stephen King swung by the Kiva Theater in Albuquerque on Thursday night to sit down with Game of Thrones mastermind George R.R. Martin. King was in town as part of his book tour for the third and final installment of a trilogy he started writing in 2014, which is just about the perfect set of circumstances for a meeting with Martin, because Martin has rather famously, uh… let’s say “not” written three books in the last two years.

There’s no video of the appearance (although there is that picture up there from Stephen King’s Facebook page, showing the two authors sitting together surrounded by grapes and potato chips), but if this first-hand account of the sit down is to be believed, none of that was lost on Martin.

Stephen King told George there was time for 1 more question. George asked him “How the f*ck do you write so fast? I have a good six months and crank out 3 chapters, meanwhile you wrote 3 books in that time!”

Stephen answered that he writes almost every day and demands 6 pages a day from him self. George was amazed by that.

He replied “You always get six pages? You never get constipated? You never get up and go get the mail, and think ‘Maybe I don’t have any talent and should have been a plumber?'”

George R.R. Martin seems like a very good dude who is going through some really intense writer’s block and is maybe a little overwhelmed by what his idea for a series of books about dragonmurder has turned into, culturally, so heaping on at this point with entitled rants about when he should release (or should have released) his next book feels unnecessary. But if someone could figure out a way to somehow put Martin and King in some sort of transmogrification vessel that extracts the best parts of each of them and spits out one bespectacled man in a sea captain’s hat who writes 500 pages a year, I mean…

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