Hayden Panettiere And Zachary Quinto Won’t Be Returning For ‘Heroes: Reborn’

When Heroes perhaps unnecessarily returns as Heroes: Reborn this fall, it’s bringing along a number of familiar characters, including Hiro Nakamura, Mohinder Suresh, and Noah Bennet. But not the Cheerleader. EW reports that Hayden Panettiere, along with Ali Larter, Adrian Pasdar, Milo Ventimiglia, and Zachary Quinto, won’t be making guest appearances in the Heroes revival.

“Everybody who’s coming back has been in the press,” creator Tim Kring [said]. “We have a cadre of characters from the previous that will make appearances—some bigger than others, some just in a cameo way. It will be an interesting use of the older characters.” (Via)

Save the cheerleader (for sweeps week), save the world (and the show’s ratings).

(Via EW)