Here’s Matt Lauer Dancing With Carmen Electra While Dressed As Pam Anderson From ‘Baywatch’

Here is a GIF of Today show host Matt Lauer dressed up as a Baywatch-era Pamela Anderson and dancing with Carmen Electra. A few things:

  • Halloween is weird.
  • It was 50 degrees in New York City this morning.
  • Matt Lauer is a confident man.
  • “Hello, may I speak to Carmen Electra?” “This is she.” “Oh, hi. This is Shelley over at the Today show. We were wondering if you’d be willing to put on your old Baywatch swimsu-” “I’LL DO IT!” “But I haven’t even explained it y-” “[sound of tires screeching as Carmen Electra begins speeding toward New York]
  • Halloween is really, really weird.

I think that about covers it.

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