How Many Episodes Are In ‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2?

We are just weeks away from reuniting with everybody’s favorite ’90s high school soccer team in season two of Yellowjackets, which is shaping up to be pretty freaking dark. What could we really expect from a show that not only has cannibalism but also stars Melanie Lynskey?

Season two will also bring in a slew of new guest stars, including Elijah Wood, along with Severance’s Lauren Ambrose and Obi-Wan Kenobi actress Simone Kessell as adult Lottie. While season one had 10 tension-filled episodes, season two will only have nine, with the first episode premiering on March 26, then weekly until May 14th.

Even though this season will be slightly shorter, Showtime has already ordered a third season, and co-creator Ashley Lyle seems to think they have the series mapped out until the end. “The original plan was about five seasons, and we feel like we’re still on track for that,” Lyle told Entertainment Weekly. “We don’t really see this as being more than a five-season show.” The best shows seem to understand that the five-seasons-and-under method is pretty tried and true. Anything past that is just way too risky.

Season two of Yellowjackets will premiere for Showtime subscribers on March 24th before airing two days later on March 26th. Check out the trailer here.