‘Yellowjackets’ Has Been Renewed For Season 3 (Three Months Before Season 2 Even Premieres)

Showtime is showing a lot of faith in Yellowjackets. Season two doesn’t premiere until March 26, 2023, but the lost-in-the-woods horror series — with television’s best non-Succession theme song — has already been renewed for season three.

“With Yellowjackets‘ runaway success in season one and the pent-up anticipation for season two, we wanted to maximize the momentum by fast tracking season three now,” Showtime CEO and president Chris McCarthy said in a statement. “The show’s ambition is only exceeded by its execution, and I thank the incredible creative team behind it, including [creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson], Jonathan [Lisco], eOne, and the Showtime team, for turning this into such a success.”

Lyle and Nickerson have previously revealed that they have a five-season plan for the show — but things could change. “I believe we’ve said five seasons earlier in interviews and have regretted it every day since, because people really latched onto that,” Lyle told Vulture. “I think what we’ll say about that is that we have a plan, and we do feel very good about the potential for story moving forward. But we have no interest in beating a dead horse or dragging things out longer than the story dictates.”

Five seasons should be enough to put a Tori Amos song in at least one episode.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)