‘Yellowjackets’ Gets Even Darker In The Chilling Season Two Teaser Trailer

It wouldn’t be a proper Friday the 13th without a good spook, which Showtime graciously delivered in the form of the Yellowjackets season two teaser trailer!

The second season of the survival/coming-of-age cannibal cult drama will arrive in March, picking up right where we left off at the end of season one, now with Elijah Wood! “Kidnapping, cults, death. Your friendships are a little more complicated than most,” Wood’s character Walter says to Christina Ricci’s Misty. Maybe she will finally bring home an Emmy this year.

The teaser hints that the ladies explore hypnosis in order to piece together what really went on out there in the wilderness all those years ago. Meanwhile, Walter and Misty conduct their own investigation.

Season two is expected to be darker, and judging from the trailer, a lot colder (both literally and figuratively). “We are going into the wintertime when the season ends with that first snowfall. This season will cover the winter months,” star Steven Kreuger, who plays Coach Ben, told TV Insider last year. He teases more drama as the stakes get higher and the air gets colder while the teens are trying to make it back alive.

“It’s going to get dire out there with little food and the challenge of staying warm and alive,” Kreuger added, saying that season two will be even more out-there. “A good general overall birdseye view of the second season is it feels like producers loved we were the crazy show on TV and want to take that and double down. If you thought Season 1 was crazy, just buckle your seatbelts for Season 2. It doesn’t let up.”

Season two of the Showtime series will premiere for subscribers on March 24th before airing two days later on March 26th. Check out the teaser above.