Jim Carrey Surprised Jeff Daniels In The Middle Of His ‘Conan’ Interview For A ‘Dumb And Dumber’ Reunion

Jeff Daniels was on Conan Tuesday night to promote The Looming Tower and have a nice conversation. Unbeknownst to him and everybody watching, he was about to become part of a moment because Jim Carrey was in the house to make an appearance. It was a Dumb And Dumber reunion and you can see why Dustin Hoffman would call Carrey to tell him that it was the “most real buddy relationship” that he’d seen in decades. Of course, Carrey then follows that with a joking comment about the sexual accusations against Hoffman that’s absolutely perfect.

But that’s all near the end of the appearance. Jim Carrey still knows how to make an entrance and the happiness on Jeff Daniels’ face when they hug and sit down next to each other is pretty damn special. If only they could sync their dance moves a little better, but it works considering how their on-screen relationship was:


Carrey was in the area because he was filming a segment with Conan for his new Showtime series Kidding, but he came armed with enough praise for Daniels to make it seem like that was his only reason for showing up. If he just appeared like Johnny Carson did on David Letterman’s show, without saying a word, it’d be just as good, but he sticks around and really delivers a nice late night moment.

It doesn’t feel manufactured, even if it is from top to bottom. When Jay Leno returns to Fallon or Jon Stewart to Colbert, you expect it a bit. This was better.

(Via Team Coco)