Will McAvoy Met Harry Dunne In This ‘Dumb Newsroom’ Mashup With ‘Corden’

Jeff Daniels seems to have a solid acting career. His CV includes a wide variety of drama and comedy roles, an Emmy, and TWO Saturday Night Live hosting gigs. As a result of his range, two of Daniels’ best known roles are of The Newsroom‘s Will McAvoy and Dumb and Dumber‘s Harry Dunne. With two parts so different, it’d be pretty crazy to see them on screen at the same time.

While appearing on The Late Late Show, James Corden provided video of a “cut” Newsroom cameo he had filmed with Daniels. Things seemed to be going normally, until we got to a familiar idiot who had trouble holding a boom mic. It turned out Harry was interning at ACN and causing amok with his bad research and his permanent marker pranks. After one too many blunders, McAvoy had enough and went head-first into a Sorkin-ish monologue about the state of television.

In Harry’s defense, holding a boom mic for an extended period of time is more physically straining than you’d think. And, you know, maybe don’t end speeches on the word “duty.” You’re just asking for giggles at that point.

(Via The Late Late Show with James Corden)