Jimmy Kimmel Is Amazed And Amused That Trump Now Has A ‘Supernanny’ To Prevent Him From Having Dinner With Nazi Sympathizers And White Supremacists

Selina Meyer had a bag man, Donald Trump has a Supernanny.

While the former (non-fictional) president normally doesn’t seem to care what people think about him or the shady shenanigans he regularly gets up to — like, say, inciting an insurrection at the Capitol — Trump is working harder than he ever did as president in order to distance himself from his dinner with infamous Holocaust denier and white supremacist Nick Fuentes. And Jimmy Kimmel is happily eating up every tiny morsel of Trump’s frantic attempts to turn back time.

On Wednesday night, Kimmel shared that “as a result of that little dinner party with Donald Trump last week, they say they’re beefing up security at Mar-a-Lago. They said they will no do increased vetting on guests — and by ‘increased’ vetting, they mean they [will] start vetting guests.”

The funniest part of this news, however, came when Kimmel learned that “According to reports, the new security protocols require a senior campaign official to now be with Donald Trump at all times. They’ve hired a Supernanny to take care of Donald Trump!”

But the damage has already been done, and Trump — surprisingly — seems keenly aware of that. Which is probably why he issued yet ANOTHER (yawn!) statement on Wednesday, which Kimmel estimates to be his “like 400th statement attempting to cover his orange ass. Ever so slightly trying to distance himself from this white supremacist Nick Fuentes, Trump said that if Fuentes had expressed his views at the dinner it wouldn’t have been accepted. And that if he’d known about them, that dinner wouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

While Kimmel was willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt here, he thinks the former POTUS’s argument starts to fall apart a bit given that noted anti-Semite Kanye West was the invited guest. “He expressed his anti-Semitic views well ahead of the dinner,” Kimmel noted of Ye. “Repeatedly!”

You can watch the full clip below, beginning around the 3:40 mark.