‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Went To The RNC And DNC To Have Democrats And Republicans Describe One Another

With tensions between liberals and conservatives perhaps higher than ever as we lead up to the election of 2016, it’s helpful to remember that we’re all just people, here, when it comes down to it. Of course, it’s much more convenient to believe that those on the other side are all just stupid, uninformed, greedy, ignorant, etcetera, etcetera. (We’re all guilty of this, myself included.)

As such, Jimmy Kimmel Live sent a crew to both the RNC and the DNC to ask Republicans and Democrats what they really think of one another. And the results are… not surprising in the least. “Describe Democrats,” the cameraman inquires of the first gentleman. “Uhh, gun control. Handouts? Debt. What else, you want more? Just a general disdain for god and country, in my opinion.” Another obviously well informed bucket hat-wearing man says, “I can’t describe all Democrats, but [it’s] my learned opinion that the Democrat party is a crime syndicate, not a real political party.”

As for the other side of the coin, one woman quickly answers, “People that don’t have a clue,” when asked what Republicans are like. Other answers include “close-minded,” “they’re stuffy,” and simply, “mean.” Another man wearing the most spectacular stuffed donkey hat with a Hillary Clinton doll on top says, “In some sense, some of them are racist!”

It pretty much goes on like that back and forth for the rest of the video. You may be able to accuse both Republicans and Democrats of a lot of things, but one thing you can’t accuse them of is not being consistent.