Jordan Klepper On Covering A Possible Uprising And Not Getting Punched At Trump Rallies

11.03.16 1 year ago

Comedy Central/Gavin Bond

As the 2016 election winds down, we’re spending the next week talking to some of the people who’ve been on the campaign season’s frontlines, the correspondents of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah in advance of the show’s live election day show on November 8th.

We’ve all gotten used to watching the goings on of this election with mouths agape, shaking our head as both candidates continue to drill down past rock bottom, but few have been able to see the spectacle of it all up close and personal, and even fewer have had the temerity to jump into the snakepit and poke around. Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper is quickly becoming America’s favorite troll, highlighting the absurdity and hypocrisy of some of the most angry and hate-filled among us, but in talking to Klepper, it’s clear that he doesn’t think all Trump supporters should be thrown into the basket of deplorables. Also, he’s really looking forward to the day after the election… whether there’s an uprising or not.

It’s obviously becoming a more and more hostile environment for the press at Trump events. How do you pick a Trump supporter [to interview] that won’t get you punched?

You have to look past their eyeball and into their soul and see if they have the guts to punch a 6 foot 4 tall man and if they’ve been drinking during the day. That rules out about half of the people there and then you just… you roll the dice.

It’s funny with these rallies. They’ve definitely gotten more and more hostile. This last one that I went to a few weeks ago, for sure. The media, they’ve got targets on their backs so we were being heckled as we walked through there. People are screaming nasty things at us, so you do have to be careful. That’s why I’ve got security within arms reach in case things get nasty because Lord knows I can’t throw a punch.

Do you wish for the anonymity that the early Daily Show team had? Would that make the job easier?

I think sometimes the ability to sneak on in would be kind of nice, but also people still do want to talk to the Daily Show and talk to television. I don’t know if I’m also that well known at Trump rallies in particular, but, those who do, some want to get on TV and try to bat things back and forth and others just know to stay away.

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