Kenan Thompson Proved That Leonardo DiCaprio Love Life Jokes Always Land At This Year’s Emmys

If all else fails, make a joke about Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating life. It’s a reliable go-to for awards show hosts. Back in 2020, Ricky Gervais made one at the Golden Globes, with the actor in attendance. He even laughed at it. DiCaprio wasn’t present at this year’s Emmys, but he did just go through yet another split with yet another incredibly young woman. Did Emmys host Kenan Thompson pass up the chance to slip in a little joke about it? No, he did not.

During his second monologue towards the start of the show, Thompson was going through some of the nominees, gently ribbing them. He got to Zendaya, there for Euphoria, who made history by winning for the show in 2020. She just had another little milestone.

“Zendaya just turned 26 — happy birthday,” Thompson told her. “Twenty-six is a weird age in Hollywood: young enough to play a high school student, but too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio.”

It’s hardly a fresh joke, but it still scored thanks in part to Thompson, who can deliver anything. He even got the show back on track after a mildly baffling opening musical number. Maybe DiCaprio should start doing TV again so he can be there the next time an Emmys host belittles his love life.