Will A Long-Rumored Character Finally Appear In The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale?


It’s that time of year again, when we convince ourselves a certain you-know-who will appear on Game of Thrones. It would certainly be the “holy sh*t” moment this season hasn’t had yet, and a thrilling conclusion, if similar in undead-like tone to the White Walkers at the end of the second season, to a contentious year. Yup, it’s Lady Stoneheart Season. Michelle Fairley said there’s no chance she’ll appear on the show again, but then she was listed for the finale on IMDb as “Hooded Woman,” and Lena Headey left a literal stone-heart on Instagram.

Plus, as pointed out by Vanity Fair, the final episode of the season is titled “Mother’s Mercy,” which is one of Lady Stoneheart’s many aliases in the appendix to A Feast for Crows.

Before you go out and buy your Zombie Cat costume for Halloween, though, it’s worth mentioning that “Mother’s Mercy” might refer to the imprisoned Cersei, or Daenerys, or maybe Melisandre will have another demon-baby named Mercy (the Red Woman loves Kanye). It could mean a lot of things, and I wouldn’t put it past David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to be trolling A Song of Ice and Fire purists, who they’ve already pissed off with all the book-to-show changes this season.

Still, GoTruthers are out in force, and unless they’re pitching a finale where Lady Stoneheart is the one who rescues Sansa from Ramsay’s creepy embrace, they might be worth listening to.

(But probably not.)

(Via: Vanity Fair)

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