Laura Prepon Will Return For Season Three Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Remember when it wasn’t clear if Laura Prepon was coming back for season 2 of Orange Is The New Black? Well, forget all of that nonsense. She will be back in her prison uniform for season 3, but only four episodes in season 2. Via Buzzfeed:

“After Season 1 filmed, Prepon, who had only a one-season contract, decided she did not want to commit to being a series regular, and opted not to come back. After the show became Netflix’s biggest hit, and the tidal wave of viewer sorrow nearly drowned Prepon, Netflix, and the show’s creator, Jenji Kohan, the plan was rejiggered for Prepon to return for four Season 2 episodes (instead of a mere one), and to leave things open for heavier involvement in the presumed third season.”

I wonder how they will explain away her not being in most of season 2. I mean, they’re all in a jail together, so unless she gets shanked and hangs out in the prison hospital most of the time, I don’t get it. Season 3 isn’t officially confirmed yet, but come on, that’s a lock. I’ve watched the entire thing twice and will probably watch it all again before it premiere date on Friday, June 6th. Go ahead and mark your calendars for that weekend to be unproductive.

(Via Buzzfeed)