Let’s Talk About Last Night’s ‘Happy Endings’: ‘To Serb With Love’

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12.12.12 63 Comments

Two major events went down in last night’s excellent Happy Endings, “To Serb with Love”: Brad made a Dave Chappelle/LexisNexis joke, and we learned the origin of Alex’s eating habits. Sure, other stuff happened, too, like an in-love Penny making a Breaking Bad reference (“Spin class or chemistry class? It’s like Breaking Bad in here! Sit down, let’s cook!”), Jane dressing up as Gallagher, and we met the rest of the Kerovich clan, but, if you’ll allow me to speak for Danger for a moment, BRAD MADE A DAVE CHAPPELLE/LEXISNEXIS JOKE. That has to be the most obscure reference that everyone gets and thinks is funny, but isn’t exactly sure why.

As for the other milestone: Alex was trained as a child by her mother to ignore salad, go straight for the meats at the buffet, and to make eyes with the man carving the dead animals. That’s good advice. Airplane! star Julie Hagerty was the perfect choice to play Mama Kerkovich; she’s a pro at the same wide-eyed, sweet naivety that defines Alex as a character. Likewise, Jane’s constant attempts to please come straight from her dad, Shooter McGavin, who only finds joy in the finer things in life. Like The Chevy Chase Show. And LexisNexis jokes.

Brad is always right about “corn-play,” but never about Coldplay. (Via)

One time, when I was 12, a girl I had a crush on said that if I was any member of *NSYNC, I’d be Joey Fatone, because fat one. Thirteen years later, that insult still stings (though not as much as the Roz burn). I’M MORE OF A CHRIS KIRKPATRICK, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. (Via)

Ron Swanson and the Kerkovich family would get along swimmingly. (Via)

Mr. Kerkovich, big fan of Chevy Chase. Not his work in Caddyshack or National Lampoon’s Vacation, though, but Chevy Chase: talk show host. He also loves The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers, Thicke of the Night, and The Magic Hour, the poor guy. (Via)

LADIES: this is what every guy wants to hear. “Mmm, tell me more about this human trafficking.” (Via)

How long do you think it took the writers before they decided Jane should be Gallagher? The Dice Man must have been an option at some point, and now I want to see Eliza Couple wearing sunglasses with a leather jacket slung over her shoulder. “DUCK DUCK GOOSE? MORE LIKE F*CK F*CK MY GOOSE.” (Via)

That’s Kulap Vilaysack, the host of the Who Charted podcast. Scott Aukerman is one lucky fellow. (Via)

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