Mama June From ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Is Dating Someone Who Molested One Of Her Family Members

Love died the day Mama June and Sugar Bear broke up, but I have good news and bad news. Good news: it was a false alarm, love’s still alive. Bad news: it crawled into a mayonnaise jar and now it’s super gross and icky. Thus, “Mama June — Dating Man Who Molested Her Relative.”

The new guy is 53-year-old Mark McDaniel. He was convicted in 2004 for aggravated child molestation. Prosecutors say he molested an 8-year-old child — forcing oral sex. June was dating McDaniel at the same time he molested the child. (Via)

In a rare instance of admirable restraint, TMZ refused to identify the child, but they claim it’s “someone with whom June has contact.” SO. Either Mama June’s a terrible, terrible human, or this is the worst marketing stunt for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo yet. Probably both.