Mike Myers Had No Idea He Was Invited To #SNL40 Until He Saw The Super Bowl Promo

You’d think that someone like Mike Myers was a given at Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary show, and that’s why the Wayne’s World bit he did with Dana Carvey was a fun part of the show. But Myers told David Letterman that up until about a week before the broadcast, he didn’t even think he was invited to the event. No formal invite, no phone call, no text, nothing on Twitter… just a last-minute phone call from Lorne Michaels, which warranted his famous impression. But isn’t that really the way SNL operates, flying by the seat of its pants and hoping everything works out?

Myers also took some time to sing Letterman’s praises a few weeks before the host retires next month. Next month, you guys!

Maybe Myers will be a guest host during the three-month gap before Stephen Colbert starts. Maybe he and Dana Carvey can co-host now that their rift is over! But let’s make sure someone lets him know ahead of time.

(Source: Late Show with David Letterman)