MTV’s ‘Scream’ Is Planning A Tribute To Wes Craven For Its Season Finale

08.31.15 3 years ago 5 Comments
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The horror world continues to mourn the loss of one of its most iconic directors in Wes Craven, who died over the weekend after succumbing to brain cancer, and one project that can claim association with his work is preparing a tribute. MTV’s Scream series is set to wrap up its first season this Tuesday and The Wrap says the filmmaker will be honored during the episode. The news came from a spokesperson from MTV, but no details were mentioned.

In a way, the series is a tribute to Craven all by itself. It serves as a reminder to everyone how relevant the original Scream movies were and the clear impact they had, not just on resurrecting the horror genre, but on pop culture as a whole. Many tried to copy the tone of the satirical-but-scary pastiche movies, but none came close, and tons of Scream copycats were spawned as a result.

(And yes, Scream is a very holy and sacred thing to some of us who may or may not have written Scream fanfiction on their parents’ computer back in the ’90s.)

The tribute, since there wasn’t much time in between the already-finished episode and the announcement of Craven’s death, will probably be a tasteful memorial screen, but since Craven always reminded us that there could always be one last scare, maybe MTV will cook up something really creative.

(via The Wrap)

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