Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon May Get A ‘Walking Dead’ Love Interest Next Season

This is just Internet speculation at the moment, but it makes a certain amount of sense, based on the latest casting call for the sixth season of The Walking Dead. According to, Dead producers have put out a casting notice for a character named “Allison,” which may or may not end up being the character’s name on the show. Here are the details on the character:

A woman in her “late 20s to early 40s. She’s “a smart, artful and charming psychologist who quickly turns awkward and messy when it comes to her personal life.”

“She’d much rather stay safely inside her comfort zone, but the true test of her mettle comes when the comfort’s gone and the stakes are life and death. She’s not cynical and really cares about people.”

The connection that the site draws between Daryl and Allison is tenuous, but makes a certain amount of sense. They suggest that Allison — a psychologist — might be perfect for Daryl, whose storyline has suggested past issues with childhood abuse (recall last season that he picked up a copy of a book on how to treat survivors of childhood abuse). Allison may be the perfect person for Daryl to open up to about his past, someone who could deal with Daryl’s personal issues “artfully” and intelligently, but fall apart into an awkward mess over her feelings for Daryl.

It’s a stretch, but it’s possible, especially now that we know Daryl is not gay. Granted, the character has largely been an asexual being on the show, aside from some very strong, seemingly platonic feelings for both Carol and Beth. A love interest, however, would provide Daryl with some more meat in his storyline, as he’s currently back to roaming the forests in search of potential new recruits in Alexandria (a storyline that might afford Daryl the perfect “meet cute.”) The stability of Alexandria, however, might allow for several characters to settle into romantic relationships.

In the meantime, Norman Reedus’ real love interest, as always, is canned beer and Joe Dirt, as evidenced by the company he kept at the CMT Music Awards last night.

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