Bobby Cannavale Loves That His ‘Vinyl’ Co-Star Olivia Wilde Spit On Him

The tagline for Vinyl, Terence Winter and Martin Scorsese’s much-anticipated follow-up to Boardwalk Empire with Mick Jagger for HBO (premieres Feb. 14), is “He Didn’t See the Future. He Heard It.” That’s not bad, but it could be better, something like, “Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Spitting.”

Star Bobby Cannavale, who was so good in his one season on Boardwalk as Gyp Rosetti, spoke to EW about an incident on the Vinyl set. He was shooting a scene with his on-screen wife Olivia Wilde when out of nowhere, she spit booze in his face. I know a lot of people who would pay good money to have “Thirteen” spit on them. Not that Cannavale was complaining.

In fact, he loved it.

“Nobody knew she was going to do that. Marty didn’t know, I didn’t know. She just did that. I’ve never had anybody spit in my face before. It was pretty f*cking intense! And Marty was thrilled. We didn’t have to shoot that one again. We just got it. It was really, really, really, really smart. Here, you’ve got a person, somebody who was in her element back in the day. When she and Ritchie meet, she’s part of the scene, she’s a performance artist, she hangs out at the Factory. She gives that all up to move out to Connecticut, to raise a family. And she gets the rug pulled out from under her. And, so, is she going to just sit there and take that? Or is she going to be proactive? And, in that one moment, in that scene, she shows you that she’s not what you think she’s gonna be. I think that moment catapulted the writers to really write something different to maybe what they thought they would be writing.”

On Boardwalk, booze was a precious, forbidden resource. On Vinyl, it’s something to spit in someone’s face. For Winter’s next show, he’ll have to top himself. Coming next summer to HBO: Booze Buddies.

(Via EW)