Omar Little & Jesse Pinkman Are Friends

So this is cool: while working on an ad campaign for Ciroc vodka, Michael K. Williams convinced Aaron Paul to join Twitter. (Also featured in the “Ciroc Ratpack” campaign: Frank Vincent, Diddy, and… Chad Michael Murray? Who invited that clown?)

In case you’re new to learning actors’ names and need the significance of this spelled out for you: Omar Little — the most memorable character from the best show ever made (“I robs drug dealers”) — was hanging out in Vegas with Jesse Pinkman, a meth cook/dealer on what may be the best show on television right now. Now THAT is a party I want to be a part of. You can’t tell me that jackass Chad Michael Murray deserves that spot over me. No one with three first names should be in an homage to the Rat Pack. “Chad Michael Murray” sounds like a serial killer in Nebraska.