Do You Miss Pat Sajak On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’? Well, Here’s Some Good News

Pat Sajak made a pretty big deal about leaving his hosting role on Wheel Of Fortune, and for good reason. The man held the same job for over 40 years and millions welcomed him into their homes every night while they were yelling about blank letters. But last fall, Sajak announced that he would be retiring from the show that made him famous, and he wrapped his emotional final season in June. Or so we thought. Turns out, retirement doesn’t include buying vowels!!

ABC revealed the fall lineup today, which includes Celebrity Wheel of Fortune hosted by Sajak. Deadline reports that Sajak will return to host the season, which is scheduled to premiere on October 7. The celebrity guests have not yet been announced, but 2023’s contestants included Brendan Hunt, Paula Abdul, Matt Rogers, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Sajak last hosted Wheel of Fortune on June 7. He will be replaced by Ryan Seacrest, who joins longtime letter expert Vanna White. Fans of the show are not taking it well, as evident by some of those Instagram comments.

What will Sajak do next? Pivot to live theater, of course. The former host will star in Prescription: Murder, a mystery play at downtown Honolulu’s Hawaii Theatre next summer. Maybe he finally win one of those tropical vacations he has been handing out on air for the last four decades.

(Via Deadline)