Rachel Bilson Clarifies Her Possibly Bill Hader-Inspired Orgasm Comments: ‘It Has Nothing To Do With Any Partner’

There has been a lot of speculation about Bill Hader’s love life over the years. The man is a mystery, which makes people want to know even more about him and his allegedly giant…brain. He’s been linked to every beautifully quirky brunette over the years, including Rachel Bilson, who hasn’t been shy about gushing over their (now over) relationship.

Bilson made surprising comments recently when she admitted that she hadn’t had an orgasm until she was 38, which just so happens to be the same time she started dating Hader. You don’t have to put two and two together to see where this leads. Of course, people took notice of this, most notably due to the slew of famous dudes Bilson has been linked with over the years. Sorry, Hayden Christensen: You will always have Vader, though.

The actress has clarified that her comments had less to do with who she was with. While speaking with Nick Viall on his podcast, Bilson explained, “It has nothing to do with any partner. It had to do with me knowing my body.”

Bilson then explained that she didn’t mean for her comments to spark headlines. “I just jumped on that and I was like, ‘When I was older I was able to do that too.'” She also wanted to clear the air when it came to a certain ex that was being brought up. “Apparently there were names brought up in both regards and I am not OK with that, because it had nothing to do with that,” she admitted.

While she wanted to protect her former famous exes, she also clarified that she is the one in control here. “[I’m not] giving a trophy to any other exes. Nobody was involved other than myself.” Hader was probably involved at least a little bit, right?

(Via Page Six)