Please Allow Ricky Gervais To Describe Every Awful Detail Of Seeing Louis C.K.'s Naked Body

Ricky Gervais stopped by Conan last night to promote Muppets Most Wanted, and when he wasn’t making his case to play an annoying supervillain, he was describing Louis C.K.’s naked body in hilariously disgusting detail.

Ricky made a truly great (and consummately Gervais-y) guest appearance as Dr. Ben during the first season of Louie, and his scene required him to give Louis C.K. a rectal exam. Being a true professional, Mr. C.K. didn’t half-ass it — he full-assed it, dropping everything and taping his wee-wee to his thigh. In the clip above, Gervais explains how unsettling the whole thing was.

Here’s the scene Gervais is referring to. It’s basically a microcosm of Louie: awkward and frustrating and perfect, from beginning to end.

Team Coco