Seth Meyers Has A Sneaking Suspicion That Donald Trump May Have Tried To Kill A Bald Eagle, Based On How Often He Talks About Killing A Bald Eagle

Anyone who has ever dealt with a small child who has yet to learn the art of subtlety and nuance knows there’s a tell-tale sign that the kid did something bad: they keep talking about it. Donald Trump is a lot like that, as Seth Meyers know all too well from years of covering — and imitating — the gaudy reality TV host-turned-president of the United States. And Meyers has a sneaking suspicion that the McDonald’s connoisseur may have killed a bald eagle.

Why would Meyers think such a random thing as that? Because Trump seems to suddenly be obsessed with what the repercussions are from killing a bald eagle.

During Wednesday’s “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers shared that the Manhattan DA’s office is contemplating filing criminal charges against the former POTUS for the hush money he gave to Stormy Daniels. But in the midst of this investigation — one of many at which the 45th president is the center of — Trump seems blissfully ignorant of the charges he could be facing and more concerned with the fact that the punishment for killing a bald eagle is five years imprisonment.

If you’re thinking that Trump has traded in his windmill obsession for a bald eagle fetish, think again: he’s combined the two. While in Columbia, South Carolina over the weekend, Donald went off on one of his predictable windmill rants, but added a twist this time. As he told the crowd:

We demand windmills be built on our oceans, our prairies, our mountains, and our plains, only to realize that they’re killing all our eagles and our birds. If you kill a bald eagle, they put you in jail for five years. But the windmills knock out thousands of them. Nothing happens.

But Meyers has a theory about why Trump would know such a random fact: Back in 2015, you might recall that the then-aspiring president did a photoshoot with a bald eagle. And the bird, perhaps hoping to save us all from what the next four years (and then some) would bring, essentially tried to maul Donald. More than once.

“I like how he tells everyone in the audience if you kill a bald eagle you go to jail for five years,” Meyers commented. Which definitely means that after [the above] happened, Trump said, ‘I’m gonna kill that bald eagle!’ And someone told him not to because he’d go to jail for five years.”

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 1:40 mark.