Trump Demanded McDonald’s Be Brought To Him In The Hospital As He Was Being Treated For COVID

Remember when Donald Trump tested positive for the highly transmissible virus whose spread he barely tried to combat? Last week, it was reported the former president caught COVID a bit earlier than expected — just in time to do a public debate with the also immunocompromised Joe Biden. But there’s another detail about this spell that has only now been made public: While being treated in the hospital, he demanded he brought deeply unhealthy fast food.

As per Raw Story, The Chief’s Chief, the new book by former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, includes some insider factoids that hadn’t seen the light of day. (There’s also, of course, baseless nonsense about how the 2020 election was stolen.) One of them is that, while he was being a cocktail of fed life-saving drugs at Walter Reed, hanging on death’s door, Trump was still brought his favorite food: McDonald’s.

The tidbit was caught by The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, who also pointed out that Trump and company “had to eat with face shields on at the doctor’s orders, which didn’t thrill any of them.” (Yes, the president-turned-failed blogger was mad at the people who were saving his life.)

But it all worked out in the end. Trump emerged from the hospital, still sick with COVID but adamant that he look strong, even as he almost certainly got a number of staffers sick.

Trump’s love of McDonald’s is well-documented. He infamously fed it to football champs, scarfed it down after he clinched the Republican nomination in 2016, and even paid a bodyguard with a McD’s gift certificate. He even blamed it for his weird hair.

His own former staff has noted his should-be-ruinous eating habits. Former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said that on his airplane, “there were four major food groups: McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza, and Diet Coke.” He didn’t go light either. A typical McDonald’s order, Lewandowski said, was “two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted.” The Atlantic noted that that meal is a whopping 2,400 calories, with twice the average daily recommendation of sodium.

Obesity can triple the risk of hospitalization for COVID-related symptoms, but perhaps Trump is the lone exception to that one.

(Via Raw Story)