Seth Meyers Gleefully Mocked The ‘Clusterf*ck’ Launch Of Trump’s New Social Media Service

Just when you think Donald Trump couldn’t fail any more spectacularly at something, the former president goes ahead and tops himself yet again—and Seth Meyers couldn’t be happier. After a two-week break to make room for the Winter Olympics, the Late Night host returned to his desk on Monday night. And while he admitted that missing out on Rudy Giuliani’s big The Masked Singer reveal was heartbreaking, he was glad to have at least one trainwreck to report on: Trump’s latest TRUTH troubles.

Ever since Trump announced the launch of his long-threatened social media network in the fall of 2021, it has been plagued by ongoing tech glitches and other problems. On Sunday night, just ahead of Presidents Day, TRUTH (yep, the name is still funny) arrived in the Apple store, but with loads of problems: It was only available in America, for iOS (meaning: no website version), and it could only handle a very limited number of users. But even with all those restrictions in place, the launch still crashed.

Meyers claimed that he attempted to post some jokes to TRUTH during its grand debut, “but like lots of people, I couldn’t even log in because when it launched, ‘select users who tried to create accounts were repeatedly met with a red error warning: Something went wrong. Please try again.’ Though by the time you find yourself signing up for Donald Trump’s social media site, something already went wrong.”

Meyers has no doubt that the people who were shut out of #45’s big social networking debut undoubtedly will try again. “If you were first in line to sign up for TRUTH Social, you’ve probably got some free time on your hands,” Meyers surmised, guessing that there is probably a bit of overlap between the individuals who were hot to be the first to take Trump’s site for a test drive and the conspiracy theorists who are “waiting for JFK Jr. to reappear at the Meadowlands with Elvis and the Loch Ness Monster to prove the election was stolen.”

Meyers found everything about the whole tech implosion pretty entertaining, though he particularly enjoyed “how vague the error message is: ‘Something went wrong.’ Like, even they don’t know what the problem is? Usually, you get an error code or something, but Trump’s site just gives you a shrug emoji that says, ‘What were you expecting? This thing is a clusterf*ck.’”

You can watch Meyers’ full TRUTH takedown above.