Trump’s Rinky Dink Social Media Service Had A Soft Launch And It’s Already Been A Disaster

Perhaps you thought the day would never come. And yet on Presidents’ Day 2022, a version, at least, of former commander-in-chief Donald J. Trump’s long-threatened Twitter clone got a soft release, hitting iOS only. If you thought a complicated social media service run by a guy under multiple investigations that have already turned up “significant evidence” of fraud would go swimmingly, then you just don’t know Trump.

As per Insider, Truth Social hit the Apple app store Sunday night in, shall we say, an extremely limited capacity. It’s only available on iOS. It’s only available in America. There is no web version. What’s more, it was plagued with problems from the get-go. By 11:24pm EST, an update revealed they were having technical issues that prohibited potential users from creating an account. Some eight hours later, on Monday morning, it was revealed the app had been down all night.

That’s not all. A message on the service stated that they are currently limiting user sign-ups, but that they’ll “expand capacity over the coming hours to enable more users to join Truth Social.”

Regardless, guess who’s back on social media? Trump himself made the first post last week — not that anyone else could see it on the app. Instead, Don Jr. had to post a screengrab on Twitter, which booted his father over a year back after his supporters stormed the Capitol building in an attempt to overturn an election he lost. Looks like, for the time being anyway, that that’s how most people will be able to see what’s happening over at Trump’s Twitter clone.

(Via Insider)