Shocking News Story of the Day

Well, knock me over with a feather! The Wall Street Journal has made the groundbreaking discovery that people are watching pornography for free on something called “the internet” instead of ordering pay-per-view porn on their TV.

The trend is prompting TV executives to pull back the curtain on how porn contributes to their businesses, a topic they have been loath to discuss publicly.

On Thursday, satellite provider DirecTV cited “lower adult buys” as a cause for weaker pay-per-view revenue in its second quarter earnings. That followed Time Warner Cable Inc.’s admission last week that shrinkage [heh – Ed.] in the adult category was responsible for more than a third of a $14 million drop in video-on-demand revenue.

Stay tuned for the WSJ’s next exclusive investigation, “Newspapers not doing so hot.”

(image: inothernews via popculturebrain)

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