‘Stranger Things’ Star Jamie Campbell Bower Called The Final Season ‘Bonkers’ And ‘Completely Insane’

The final season of Stranger Things will be “heartbreaking,” “mind-bogglingly wonderful,” and now you can add “bonkers” to the list of descriptors.

Jamie Campbell Bower, the actor who plays bad guy Vecna on the Netflix series, discussed season 5 on a recent episode of the I’ve Never Said This Before With Tommy DiDario podcast. “If you thought last season was nuts, this season is just out of control, wild, like, it’s bonkers. It really, really is,” he teased. “It’s bigger. It’s just completely insane. It’s completely insane.”

“Out of control” and “completely insane” also describes me after drinking three (3) White Claws. But when Stranger Things does it, it’s a good thing…

Previously, Bower’s co-star Maya Hawke talked about the final season. “I mean it’s the end of a really long journey. Longer for some of my castmates, even, than me. So it’s really sentimental,” she said. “But as a late addition cast member, I feel like it’s my job to be here to facilitate their feelings and just be grateful and excited to have been a part of it at all.” Hawke added, “We shoot for a long time, so it’s kind of reinvigorating [to bring] the joy and finding it everyday and making it new. It’s a really fun thing to do.”

Stranger Things season 5 will premiere on Netflix in 2025. You can listen to the podcast below.

(Via IndieWire)