The ‘Suits’ Showrunner Answers The Most Important Question You Have After The Mid-Season Finale

The Suits schedule is confusing and all over the place, but, in general, they air the first 10 episodes of their season in the summer, and come back at the beginning of the year to air the back six episodes of the season. Last week was the Suits midseason finale, and it ended on a monster of a cliffhanger.

Spoilers Ahead

The episode, “Faith,” saw Harvey resign from the firm in order to save it, and, more crucially, it saw Mike Ross come to a crisis of consciousness and finally decide to quit his job as a “lawyer,” being that he’s not technically a lawyer, anyway. Ahead of his marriage to Rachel, he decided to get out before he got caught masquerading as a Harvard Law graduate.

Unfortunately for Mike, he should’ve gotten out just a little bit sooner because, as he was leaving the office for the final time, the authorities showed up and arrested him for fraud. End credits.

The question that many had was whether this would be some kind of fake out? Was he arrested for a different charge of fraud other than pretending to be a lawyer? Because, if he’s actually arrested for practicing law without a license, Mike is f*cked and showrunner Aaron Korsh has written himself into a tough corner. How do you come back from that? The series has already been renewed for a sixth season, and if Mike Ross is going to be a part of it — and not in prison — Korsh is going to have to pull out ALL the manila folders at his disposal.

So, is it about being a fake lawyer or a fraud charge for something else entirely?

In other words, Korsh is NOT faking us out. So, what’s ahead for Mike Ross?

That sounds about right.

The other question that many probably have is, “Who ratted Mike Ross out?” On that question, Korsh remains mum, but he does know who it is.

Was it the priest?

Personally, I think it’s Harvey’s new secretary, Gretchen. She’s savvy enough to figure it out, and morally righteous enough to turn him in.

On a separate note, Aaron Korsh is fun on Twitter:

I guess we know where Donna gets her sassiness.

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