‘The Boys’ Showrunner Is Teasing A Head-Exploding Third Season Premiere

The third season of Amazon Prime’s The Boys has been in production for a few months now, and in that time, showrunner Eric Kripke has kept us apprised of several details to expect from the forthcoming installment of the superhero series. We’ve seen a picture of Homelander’s super crotch, Kripke has teased his response to the production meeting discussing the Herogasm storyline, and we’ve gotten a glimpse of an almost unrecognizable Jensen Ackles playing Soldier Boy.

This week, Eric Kripke teased the third-season premiere, which is currently being edited. The episode is called “Payback,” and is written by executive producer Craig Rosenberg. “Payback” could refer to revenge, or more likely, it refers to the superhero team that predated The Seven, which is led by Soldier Boy (and also included Aya Cash’s Stormfront). After the (possible) death of Stormfront, the Payback superhero team could be looking for revenge, which allows the word to work on two levels.

In either respect, Eric Kripke has seen the director’s cut of that episode, and suffice to say, his mind was blown.

The official account for The Boys added that the “editing room is fully covered in gore already and they’re only working on episode 1,” while Antony Starr — who plays Homelander — has weighed in as well, adding, “I feel like that’s not an abnormal statement. Is that weird?”

Given the level of gore we’ve seen through two seasons, including an exploding whale, there is nothing atypical about a few heads exploding. Bring it on.

No official premiere date has been set for the third season.

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