‘The Boys’ Showrunner Has Confirmed Jensen Ackles’ Very Different Look As Soldier Boy

Amazon’s The Boys faces a hefty challenge in how to one-up itself from year to year, and we already know that the sheer volume of fake blood will already be higher in Season 3. The casting of the next round, as well, provides plenty of opportunity to make viewers shake their heads in disbelief at what they’re seeing, and that just might include Supernatural star Jensen Ackles’ new look.

This subject isn’t entirely new to those who have been watching and wondering. In fact, Ackles previously teased a fresh-out-of-quarantine photo, which revealed a heavily unkempt beard. Of course, there was no telling whether that look was one that would stand for the show, or if Ackles simply decided to not shave for much of the pandemic. (It happens!) Also, there’s the simple fact that the Ackles’ character, Soldier Boy, is clean-shaven in the comics. And Soldier Boy is the leader of Payback (which is a parody of The Avengers group of heroes) as well as a play on Captain America.

Obviously, we got to see a little bit of Bearded Chris Evans as Cap in Avengers: Infinity War, so is it possible that Soldier Boy might also do the beard thing? It sure as heck looks like it. Here’s showrunner Eric Kripke’s official reveal (he tweeted “Enter #SoldierBoy. BUCKLE UP MOTHERF*CKERS”) of Ackles in the series. The beard has been cleaned up but is very much present.

In other words, we can expect the unexpected from Kripke (who’s the creator and original showrunner of Supernatural) during his much anticipated reteaming with Ackles. And we might cross fingers for even more of that cast to show up, given that Jim Beaver already appeared as Robert Singer. Will we actually see Jeffrey Dean Morgan come over as well, once he’s freed up from the final season of The Walking Dead? One can only hope, and since he probably won’t be doing the Batman thing, Morgan might have a gap in his schedule to be filled.

The Boys Season 3 has been shooting for several months. Hopefully, we’ll see a late 2021 release.