‘The Boys’ Creator Eric Kripke Shares The First Photo From Season 3 And, Uh, It’s Quite The View Of Homelander

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has unveiled the first image from the highly-anticipated Season 3, which is currently in production in Vancouver. And if you’re a big fan of Homelander, the photo features a golden statue of the psychotically narcissistic “superhero” (who is a not so subtle reference to all things MAGA) and it’s shot from a pretty provocative angle. Just see for yourself:

That’s a whole lot of super-crotch.

Of course, a golden statue highlighting his massive codpiece is quintessential Homelander, and maybe even Antony Starr, who recently revealed that he shares some egotistical traits with his The Boys character. “One of my favourite scenes of the show… ranting at a crowd like a megalomaniac creep…. I never felt so at home…” Starr wrote on Instagram while sharing a photo of Homelander reveling in the applause from an adoring audience. “Not sure how we will pull these crowd scenes off but I’ll bet our awesome team will come up with something.”

Despite the show’s raunchy antics, former president Barack Obama surprisingly revealed that he’s a big fan of The Boys, and he named it one of his Top 10 favorite things from 2020 for how the show’s creators “turn superhero conventions on their heads to lay bare issues of race, capitalism, and the distorting effects of corporate power and mass media.”

Obama’s love for the show caught Kripke and Starr off guard as both reacted on Twitter to the news. “Umm. You guys. HOLY. SHIT,” tweeted Kripke while Starr went a more self-deprecating route: “If The Boys is good enough for Obama… it’s good enough.”

(Via Eric Kripke on Twitter)