‘The Daily Show’ Addresses The Planned Parenthood Attacks By Reminding Us Not Everybody Is A Terrorist

In the wake of a tragic event, it gets easy for people to assume that any of the perpetrators are representative of a much larger group. After the attacks on Paris, there was immediately much online fervor to call against Muslims and a backlash against the idea of allowing Syrian refugees across borders. The same happened after the recent shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, especially when it came to the question as to whether or not the shooter was a terrorist. There was also speculation about plenty of other things, including the attacker’s gender, political affiliation, and living situation. With such accusations in the air, The Daily Show wanted to remind its viewers that not all white males were terrorists.

Senior Analyst Jordan Klepper pleaded to the public not to stand against white men. Sure, most mass shootings in America seem to be connected to white, Christian-looking dudes, but the vast majority of white guys are peaceful bros who just want to live nice, quiet lives in America, possibly in their secluded cabins.

“There’s some weird thing about white culture, but that doesn’t make us all terrorists.”

Honestly, the world might be a nicer place if, as Trevor Noah put it, we “looked at people as individuals and not some monolithic group defined by their extremists.” Indeed, that sounds like a fine sentiment.

(Via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)

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