Trevor Noah Is Not Having It With Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ Claims

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Ever since the Trump campaign has been sucked into a seemingly unending tailspin, the republican presidential nominee has been quick to blame everyone but himself for his falling numbers. His latest battle cry is “This election is rigged!”, all the while refusing to take even the slightest bit of responsibility for the implosion.

Monday night’s episode of The Daily Show featured Trevor Noah exasperatingly addressed these claims, point out that it’s not the banks, African Americans, or “the crooked media” rigging the election against Trump.

“Oh, Donald Trump, the media is not ‘rigged’ against you. They’re just recording what you say and playing it back. If anything, you’re rigging your own campaign.”

He goes on, likening Trump to an animal that doesn’t recognize itself in the mirror, quipping that “Trump is not a wild animal, because if he was, his sons would have killed him by now.” Noah brings the Trump strategy into sharp focus: blustering bravado with a blatant disregard for facts. He also contests Trump’s claim simply by pointing out how much this election cycle has focused on his antics, proving that he’s had no shortage of coverage, especially compared with some of his competitors.

“Seriously, Donald Trump, the media has given you billions of dollars of free air time, you realize that? Billions of dollars! How are they rigging it against you? Even your empty podium has been on TV more than Gary Johnson and Jill Stein combined.”

With this kind of campaign being waged, what is even the point of satire?

(Via Comedy Central)