Tina Fey Spits Hot Fire On The New Childish Gambino Mixtape

Community star Donald Glover released a free mixtape yesterday under his rap alias Childish Gambino. Titled Royalty, the album features guest appearances by a bunch of big-time hip hop figures, including RZA, Bun B, Tina Fey, Schoolboy Q, and Ghostface KilHOLD ON WAIT DID THAT SAY TINA FEY? Yes, indeed it did. The 30 Rock star and showrunner delivers the outro on the song “Real Estate,” which I have helpfully excerpted below.

Yeah we in here, we in this thing
Gambino is forever, royalty is forever
We ballin’ till we f-ck up the hardwood, homie
This the life we live, son
My president is black and my prius is blue, motherf-cker
Royalty all day, we droppin’ racks at Nordstrom, son
That’s racks on racks, dammit. You feel me? You feel me?
This is the part where most people would say something crazy and drop the N-word after it
Not going to. Not gonna do that, I don’t feel comfortable!
I’m out

I suppose this makes sense because Glover wrote for 30 Rock before he got the gig on Community, but still, I don’t think I’ve ever written a sentence that included RZA, Ghostface Killah, AND Tina Fey before today, and it turns out I really like to do it. For that reason, if for no other, this story is pretty great.