Trailer for 'The Hour', AKA British 'Mad Men'

08.10.11 8 years ago 12 Comments

Way back in November, we all got excited by the news that Dominic West (McNulty from “The Wire”) would star in “The Hour,” a BBC Two drama that takes place in London in the 1950s — and one that drew immediate comparisons to “Mad Men.” Here’s the description from that previous post:

Set to be a suave and sexy period piece in the mould of the popular retro drama, the series follows the lives of three journalists embroiled in a complex love triangle, who must contend with a mysterious murder set against a decade on the threshold of change, and will include the gender politics and retro glamour that made the American show such a hit.

Now we have the first trailer for “The Hour” (video below), and I’ll be honest: I’m sportin’ a little wood for this. It’s got some Saul Bass-inspired graphics, McNulty looking all suave, and well-dressed British people speaking in British accents about a British news show. Bloimey, guv, I wanna knob dis fit show on da telly.

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