Trailer for 'The Hour', AKA British 'Mad Men'

Way back in November, we all got excited by the news that Dominic West (McNulty from “The Wire”) would star in “The Hour,” a BBC Two drama that takes place in London in the 1950s — and one that drew immediate comparisons to “Mad Men.” Here’s the description from that previous post:

Set to be a suave and sexy period piece in the mould of the popular retro drama, the series follows the lives of three journalists embroiled in a complex love triangle, who must contend with a mysterious murder set against a decade on the threshold of change, and will include the gender politics and retro glamour that made the American show such a hit.

Now we have the first trailer for “The Hour” (video below), and I’ll be honest: I’m sportin’ a little wood for this. It’s got some Saul Bass-inspired graphics, McNulty looking all suave, and well-dressed British people speaking in British accents about a British news show. Bloimey, guv, I wanna knob dis fit show on da telly.